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Vietnamese Coffee?

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world, after Brazil. The coffee has a chocolaty consistency and is extremely smooth compared to other coffees.

Do you have whole coffee beans?

The Espresso range are whole beans. Espresso Specialist is 100% Arabica and Espresso Innovator is a blend of Arabica and Robusta. 

Do you have ground coffee?

Creative 1 to 5, Creative 8, Gourmet Blend and Premium Blend all of which are ground coffee beans.

Do you have instant coffee?

G7 is our range of instant coffee which includes black coffee, 3 in 1, 3 in 1 2X Strong, coffee and sugar, 3 in 1 sugar free with Collagen. We also have an instant Espresso and Cappuccino Mocha and Hazelnut.

How is the coffee packaged?

All the coffees are roasted and packaged in Vietnam to give the true Vietnamese experience. The instant coffee is packaged in individual sachets (each one serving) and then sealed into either a bag or box. Ground coffees Creative 1 to 5 and Creative 8 are all in bags, so are Espresso Innovator and Specialist beans. Gourmet Blend is packaged into two seperate bags and then into a box. Premium Blend comes in a can. 

What size are the packages of coffee?

The ground coffees are packaged in 250g bags. Espresso Beans come in a 500g bag. Gourmet Blend is 500g and the Premium blend comes in a 425g can. Instant coffees all vary in size and have sizing options when you order online.

How is it packed for delivery?

Depending on how many products are ordered, and the type of products, the coffee is packed into a sealed opage bag or box. It is then collected by the delivery service and delivered to your home or work place.


How do I use the Vietnamese coffee filter?

When you buy a filter there is an instruction manual inside the box. It works similarly to way that a normal coffee plunger would, except you put it on top of your cup or mug and you do not press the plunger down, you simply let it drip through. Trung Nguyen ground coffees are made to be a courser blend to work perfectly with this filter. We do not recommend using another coffee brand with this filter because you could end up with grounds in your cup of coffee. 

Can I make this coffee with my normal machine or coffee plunger at home?

Yes, Trung Nguyen coffee can be made using any appliance you have at home or work.

How do you recommend serving the coffee?

In Vietnam they often serve the coffee iced with condensed milk. If that's not your thing, then you can add milk and sugar to taste. 

Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, vegan?

All coffee's are gluten and soy free. All coffees are dairy free and vegan except  Cappuccino Mocha and Hazelnut instant coffee, 3 in 1 instant coffee, 3 in 1 Collagen instant coffee, 3 in 1 2X Strong, and Gourmet Blend Ground coffee. All products are packaged in a facility where tree nuts are present.