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Vietnamese Iced Coffee with Phin

Since it's such a popular choice of coffee, we thought we'd share how to make Vietnamese Iced coffee at home with a Phin (Vietnamese coffee filter).

How to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee

When you buy a Phin here: all of the instructions will be in the package, but we'll tell you how to assemble it in this post too. 

Choose what you would like to drink your coffee from, a mug, glass, latte glass, cup, etc. Place the Phin plate (this is the part at the bottom that looks like a saucer with tiny holes in it) onto the glass. The body of the filter goes on top of that, and you will put your choice of coffee grounds in, one to two scoops, depending on how strong you like your coffee. We recommend using Trung Nguyen Premium Blend but any of our ground coffee's will taste amazing (Trung Nguyen Coffee is a courser grind, which works perfectly with the Phin filter, we do not recommend using any other coffee brands as you will end up grounds in your cup).

Once your coffee grounds are in the filter, you can put the plunger on top, do not press the plunger down. Add a small amount of water, to swell the grounds, this will also stop the finer ground pieces from ending up in your cup, and after a few seconds you can fill up the filter completely before putting the lid on top to keep your coffee warm while it filters. This process can take between 3 to 5 minutes. 

Once all the coffee has filtered through you can remove the filter from your cup, the lid of the filter can also be placed underneath the filter to catch any leftover drops of coffee. Next add 2-3 spoons of condensed milk and stir until it has completely combined with the coffee. Add your ice and fresh milk, or top up your glass with a little extra water and your Vietnamese Iced Coffee is complete! Enjoy it!

Where can I buy Vietnamese Coffee?

You can buy Vietnam's leading coffee brand, Trung Nguyen, right here on our website! We also supply to some OK stores, and smaller coffee shops all around the Western Cape. You can also visit us in our own little take away/coffee shop in Somerset West at 8 Julian Way, Somerset West, Western Cape

Can I use Trung Nguyen Coffee with a normal Machine or Plunger?

We said before that Trung Nguyen has courser ground coffee, this won't make a difference when using your normal method of making coffee. So, can you use it in your plunger? Yes! Can you use it in your coffee machine? Yes! Can you use it in any coffee filter? Yes! 

We hope that you enjoy our little recipe, you can always drop by our shop for a taste of any coffee of your choice, and we can demonstrate how to use the Phin for you.

Buy Coffee Here!

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    Is this the unique butter fat vietnamese coffee?

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